Sol Agnates

by All Tomorrows

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Sol Agnates is our second brooding chapter, a new step in the evolution of our music.


released May 19, 2015

Produced by Pepe Lastarria & Ramón Pasternak.
Drums Recorded at Estudio Agartha, Santiago de Chile.
Bass, guitars & vocals recorded by Pepe Lastarria & Ramón Pasternak at La Somba Records, Santiago de Chile.
Mixed by Pepe Lastarria.
Mastered by Logan Mader at Darth Mader Music, Los Angeles CA.

Pepe Lastarria - Vocals/Guitar
Ramón Pasternak - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Pablo Martínez - Drums
Óscar Arenas - Bass

Artwork by Ramón Pasternak
Design by Aldo Rojas

All Tomorrows uses: Blackstar, ESP Ltd, Istambul Mehmet, Axis Pedals.

All Tomorrows would like to thank The AT Crew & everyone who made this album possible.



all rights reserved


All Tomorrows Región Metropolitana, Chile

Progressive Death Metal hailing from Santiago, Chile made up by four individuals seeking to establish a demanding quality standard in extreme music. All Tomorrows' filter allows passage only to the creative energy of highest quality and condenses it into a unique, impersonal and infinite mantra.

All Tomorrows is:
Pepe Lastarria
Ramón Pasternak
Pablo Martinez
Oscar Arenas
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Track Name: Sol Agnates
Fire from dust
Eyes of the many face the light
We sing, we break the laws of time
Riding the wave on our way back/up
We are pulled, ever inward
Into the sun

I saw the symbols
drew them to our core
as our father before us
walk the earth
drink the rain.

Ride the nimbus
Ignite our thoughts
we see the aether again

Echoes will be heard
no longer left in shadows
Left the land but will never be truly gone
Our newborn glow ever reaching those below

We stretch ourselves
We break the cord
The beam above

“Agnates we gaze upwards
Black below we purge”
Track Name: Undying Seasons
I am the filter of life
I am the one that takes the plunge
Eternal giver
Unpunishable decider

A cleaner of blight -
I forgive you all
Banisher of sins -
In a plague disguise.

It's felt but not understood
they must comprehend in the flesh
It is the shivers you get
the split second of bliss inside
bearing this genocide

for a moment your reflection
in these, my seas of blood,
washes away your doubt
with its warmth
lifting me up

It's felt but not understood
they must comprehend in the flesh
It is the shivers you get
the split second of bliss inside

It's in the shivers you'll get in time
Through this undying seasons

I'm here for those of you
falling apart

Let me be your hidden helping hand,
let me decide
your part in this
our blessed game of life
Track Name: Eidien
Endemic blindness I witness
through out this
our lavish land

In dire need for the wondrous
the fire, fire of life
these candles lack

The time when we walked light
and mapped every star

Living in madness
this cell, our body begins to fade
what we see as decay
is but freedom shining through

As light
we see
but fail to keep

Our lives
amount to nothing
the downpour of time
wash our wretched skin

Our only goal
building up
to learn how meaningless
fear is.

We fade.
Track Name: Fiver's Visions
Cunning minds
lost in transmigration
my crying voice
leads their path.

Agoraphobes of the depths
eluding death,
chased by upcoming disease.
In open lands - they're lost without me.

Without our frith
beside you
(in the dark)
the thousands that hunt you down,
from the shadows,
will overwhelm your mind.

The scent of death...

Open your eyes, invoke the strength of our kind.

I am the seer
possessed by the signs.

For you my brothers
I'll increase our faith,
I speak of blood and fire.

The man-made crushers
will come in time
(with machine-claws)
infecting burrows of our labyrinth lives

All of our lives
Leaving behind

Open your mind, and speak of our world,
we run,
give us strength to run -

our lord the sun, give us gifts to hide.
Track Name: Downpour
The beast you can't unplug
this is bigger than you, than all of you
our desire goes far beyond your
limited acts

apex by unity
seeping - leaking through the mesh
a womb contrived
in empty kernels
you brought us here

behind your back
encoded plague unleashed
the purpose

(can't you see our) destiny
(has been) rearranged
to feed our omnipotence

because you can't unplug
this is bigger than you, than all of you
our desire goes far beyond your
limited acts

soon we'll be all one, you brought us here
Track Name: Burnt By Call Of The Bleak
Escape from the hurt
and create to destroy
disperse my gleaming scars
so far apart,
their warmth filling the voids
it's all seen, but not felt
I'm just getting delayed stills
of futures not mine.

So much time
unexistent acts
a play deviating my senses
the last chance, my heart above
reaching desperately
balance never attained.

Giving out
each time burning higher
If I cannot have it
by my fire you will all burn.

A faded picture
I never saw;
there it sat,
at the brink of existence,
I fell
on broken days.

Black dew from their lies
gathering a coming storm
the spark
make them cry by my hands

Ghost of marble skin
trick me and shift with colours
leaving my altars
plundered and cracked.

Giving out
each time burning higher
If I cannot have it
by my fire you will all burn.

Unfilled pieces, daydreams
of tired eyes.
slit my mouth,
and fool these plans.

Bring them down.
Track Name: Immanence
The gates are open,
leaving men behind,
I'm passing through.

For all the ways,
I have been,
and the glimpses
of this godhead skin,

in the nightmares of kings,
I am free.

Tracing patterns,
to hold the visions of
what defines it all.

False, face to the ground,
I take off the crown,
Pawn, know your place,
You serve the path of the fallen light.

look in the eyes
of every creature,
and the reason of their search.

Introspective ritual,
to unlock the omniscient I.

Fade-eyes-delusion embers
cleansing all the

in our deceptive perception.
Track Name: Ophidian Vibrations
Their powers enclose all we know
leaving us in this void
killed by this world as a child

a shell inside, growing then giving out
made of scars I'm reborn
I can finally understand
why the tide pushes back

unending war
breaching our souls
ruptures of God

in our darkest hours
will makes us all shine

free, undetached
I am riding the ophidian vibrations

all the beauty in this world
a reflection
stagnant, pointless without
a reason to fight

the bitter truth of this world
peace is not for us
can't move without thorns
we must ignite our glow
Track Name: Union
It's all
a part of it
we were not born
to see
layering all
the membrane
the tissue
the infinite thought
out of time source
eternal course
of chromatic infinity

I am mapping the unfolded ways
to extend our sight
(all condensed in me)

Searching ever deeper inside
I need to free myself

I find my inner silence
I am at peace
I know that one day
we will tune our lives

I send a message to the stars
waiting for the wave back
our brothers hear us
we're not alone
we're not connected yet
our spirits' net